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In Announcements on February 17, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Our esteemed speakers will lead informal discussions on these topics:

  • It’s Not Just About the Content, It’s Also About the Strategy (Karen McGrane)
  • Metadata: What, Why & How? (Rachel Lovinger)
  • The Role of Content Strategy in Media and Entertainment (Jeffrey MacIntyre)

Read on for the details.

It’s Not Just About the Content, It’s Also About the Strategy

Karen McGraneThe content strategy process can help you create and maintain great content. But that’s only half of the story. Developing a strategy that defines what you want to achieve with your content—and why—is the key to creating business value. To communicate the value of content strategy to business leaders, you need to frame the problem in terms they care about, selling them on the value of better content to their bottom line.

Join Karen McGrane for a discussion on ways to connect content with business, including developing a strategy that aligns with business goals, selling content strategy to executives, and different ways to monetize content.

Metadata: What, Why & How?

Rachel LovingerMetadata is used to capture qualities of content that describe what it is, and to provide direction for its display and distribution. It’s useful for organizing a collection of content items, and becomes indispensable as that collection grows. This makes it easier to find and use content in meaningful ways. You wouldn’t be able to use iTunes without metadata!

Rachel Lovinger will guide a discussion on what content strategists need to consider when working with metadata. This will include types of metadata, how it’s used, best practices, and forward looking trends, as well as any other related topics that come up.

The Role of Content Strategy in Media and Entertainment

Content strategy asks of organizations two things: to treat content as a critical business asset, and to recognize one’s role online as a publisher. For many, this is a big leap. But what happens when content strategy is introduced to clients in the media and entertainment sector, for whom this is already conventional wisdom? What is the value of content strategy for broadcasters and publishers—the original content experts—and how does it inform the way clients of any industry respond to this field of practice?

Drawing on experience honed as a content strategist for several leading media properties, join Jeff MacIntyre in a discussion of the role of content experts consulting those already (allegedly) expert at content. This conversation is recommended for UX practitioners of all stripes interested in a practical review of the opportunities and challenges of executing a content strategy.

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